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Rhythm Extreme Image Rhythm Extreme Rhythm Extreme
Are you ready for an explosion of sound, a beat for your feet?  Here comes Rhythm Extreme!
The Three Waiters Image Three Waiters The Three Waiters
Twice named Entertainers of the Year from Event Solutions Magazine, . . .a sophisticated, funny, and unforgettable routine.
extremebikesm.jpg (20335 bytes) Extreme Performance Image Extreme Performance
If you want a powerful, energetic alternative to the same old general session opener, then you want Extreme Performance!
Anthony Cools Anthony Cools
Anthony Cools has taken the art form of comedic hypnosis and soared into an entertainment dimension untouched by his peers.
Light Force

Light Force
From the creators of Rhythm Extreme comes the newest  innovation in rhythmic and visual entertainment. 

Evening on Broadway Evening on Broadway Evening on Broadway
The choice is yours with An Evening on Broadway.  Will you choose a performance of scenes from your all-time favorite musicals or perhaps the most current shows straight off the stage?

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