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Mambo 49

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Mambo 49
Your guests will love this Jazz band with a Latin flavor! Mambo 49 draws inspiration from the Miami-South Beach scene. Their sound is very authentic - whether you use them for a smooth instrumental background or with vocals.

is a spirited four-piece jazz ensemble consisting of piano, upright bass, horn, and drums.  They always set the perfect mood!

cosmicsm.jpg (12203 bytes) Cosmic Persuasion
This ensemble serves up a futuristic blend of contemporary instrumental jazz and synthesized sound effects.  This is the future of jazz!
funkygumsm.jpg (14022 bytes) Funky Gumbo
This zesty, four-piece jazz band will lift your spirits with toe-tapping streetbeats, familiar swing tunes, and New Orleans rhythm and blues.
tom_butlersm.jpg (5966 bytes) Tom Butler
Tom Butler is one of Central Florida’s mainstay jazz musicians. Whether a trio, quartet, or eighteen piece orchestra, Tom and his band perform all styles of jazz.

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Mambo 49